Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day Three: Move-My-Body Challenge

Completed. Done. Mission accomplished.

Today was another 40 minutes of alternating fast walking for one song and jogging for the next.

How did I feel beforehand: Although I was dressed and ready to go I nearly aborted the plan because I thought my Nano was out of juice. Ends up it wasn't; so I got my rear in gear and out the door. It was a good reminder for me that I really do enjoy exercising more when I've got some tunes to keep me company.

How did I feel during: Pretty good. I added a bit more distance today and could feel myself slowing down towards the end of the jogging songs, but my goal is not to run fast, win a race or burn a gazillion calories. Rather, it's simply to find enjoyable ways to move my body on a regular basis.

How did I feel afterwards: Pretty darn good. I was just telling Bill how surprised I am that in just three days of regular body movement I can feel a difference in my muscles. They actually feel stronger. I think they are saying, "thanks for giving me the opportunity to move and stretch today; much appreciated."

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