Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day One: Move-My-Body Challenge

It did it! After dropping off my daughter at day care this morning I did about 30 minutes of "interval training" (alternating between fast walking and jogging). With my ipod on my "upbeat" playlist, I alternated between walking one song and jogging one song.

How did I feel beforehand: Just getting started was the biggest struggle for me. Before I made the decision to get my exercise clothes on and grab my ipod before walking out the door, I kept thinking off all the reasons why I should just come right home (to take a shower, to check email, to drink my coffee, to waste time doing anything but walking). Then I realized that I have to make a different choice (which feels hard right now) until it no longer feels like a hard choice. My learned behavior in the morning has been one way and now I want to change that to incorporate time for moving my body.

How did I feel during: Actually pretty good for it being the first time out in awhile. I liked alternating between the walking and jogging because I like the variety. It also really helps me to have the upbeat music that I like. I did feel tired towards the end, but a very different tired then I've been feeling by not doing anything.

How did I feel afterwards: Awesome! I feel like I have so much energy and my mind feels clear.

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