Friday, November 2, 2007

Help Wanted

Life has been a bit on hold the past few days beyond being in full mommy mode to a sick child. Since Wednesday Lindsay has been up and down with a fever and today ended with her throwing up all over me and the Walgreens floor while picking up a prescription to hopefully help her feel better.

Yes, I can now add having my child throw up down my shirt to the list of life's great experiences. And when I say down I really mean down--like I don't think my white bra will ever be the same again. Fortunately, I've been carrying around an extra set of clothes for Lindsay in my bag ever since she stopped wearing diapers. I think the most disappointing thing about the entire experience was that no one offered to help me. No one. I had to flag down two different store employees. The first one just handed me a roll of paper towels and walked away. The second one did tell me to just leave it and she called for clean-up. But none of the other customers even acknowledged me. I wasn't hard to miss. I was the disheveled mom in aisle 6 with throw up on and down her shirt and the sobbing 2 year old with tears and snot running down her face next to her. I know everyone knew what was going on. But no one helped. No one even went to get a store employee.

Today's experience has made me wonder what I would have done if I had been watching someone going through what I went through. I would hope that I would have offered to help or taken some action to support a fellow mother, woman, human. My 7 year-old step-daughter even noticed that no one helped. I find this interesting and sad.

But enough about that. Just know I am still here. And still moving my body when I can, but other things are taking my time right washing my bra!

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