Thursday, January 22, 2009

Imperfect Action

Coach Eva and Coach Mary, two of my current coaches in a training program I am participating in, talk often about Imperfect Action.

I get this concept - that taking imperfect action is better then taking no action at all - but I still stumble with it sometimes.

My own inner critic and perfectionist would really like for everything I do and say to be perfect the first time out. What if someone sees or notices my mistakes?

Well, I've been practicing taking Imperfect Action more and more these days as I continue to shift and grow my business and create some new, exciting programs for working moms.

One way I practice is through this blog. In the past I have not blogged as often as I think about it or would like because I have gotten caught up in wanting the post to be "perfect" (i.e. well-written, interesting to everyone, humorous, life-changing, and exempt to any typos). If I didn't feel like I had time to write the "perfect post" then I often didn't write anything.

Now I am practicing just writing what comes to mind and from my heart. Yes, I'd still like for others to feel that my entries are well-written, interesting, humorous and life-changing, but I really can't control what others will think of my writing.

As far as the entries being exempt from typos...well, I have a bit more control over that. However, the typos will still happen. In fact, I had one reader kindly point out a typo in my last entry. She was nice to only point out one, as I ended up finding a handful when I went back through it. When I got the email indicating the typo, part of me cringed. It poked that place within me that thinks if something isn't worth being done right then it's not worth being done at all. It also poked that place that says, "SH*T, now someone knows that I am not perfect!"

But there's a bigger part of me now who is willing to embrace the typo (only after I corrected it, of course) and see it in the bigger context that I AM HUMAN! I too make mistakes. Some small, like a few typos on a blog post that isn't read by a ton of people (yet!). Some bigger, like racking up credit card debt or running the brand-new van into a pole or...okay, I'll stop there.

So, today I embrace my Imperfect Actions. May each of them lead me in the direction of my own imperfectly-perfect vision and life direction.
  • What actions are you holding back from taking out of fear of not doing it perfectly?
  • What one, small action are you willing to take TODAY, even if it's imperfect, that aligns with your heart, your goals, and your vision for your brilliant life?


Amy P. said...

This is very true. You must practice your craft, whether it's art or blogging or taking small steps in your business. The practice of it brings perfection, even if it's small steps. One of the greatest marketers in the industry, Seth Godin, posts in his blog nearly every day, some days it's just a few sentences, but he takes action daily. It makes a big difference!

Nicola said...

Thanks for the comment and the idea of posting everyday (okay, not sure I am ready for that yet), even if just a short post.

Also, thanks for the phone call last week! I'll call you to get together soon...when it stops raining!