Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Definition of Success

Wow. Has it really been nearly a month since my last post?

Seems so.

Life has been keeping me on my toes lately. Between children out of school, searching for a new preschool, family visitors, family health issues, business growth and summer fun, time to write here dropped down on the priority list.

But I am here now, and that is what matters. My business success and life enjoyment is not dependent on how many blog entries I post per week or per month.

The theme of Redefining Success has been coming up a lot lately for many of my clients. It seems as if there are many women who are realizing that it's time to look at the idea of success in a new way.

As women, we've been told over the years that we can "have it all". However, we've also been told that to have it all we must be Super Women, working crazy hours at work and home, tending to everyone's needs but our own, and sacrificing our health, relationships and fun. Is that how you want to define success?

What if success looked something like this:
  • I do work that I really, really enjoy and which I know I am good at.
  • I make good money doing work that I really, really enjoy.
  • The time I spend on my career/business supports my professional goals, but is also a means to support my personal goals. Therefore, I have a schedule that allows me time for myself, for my family and for my relationships.
  • I am physically, emotionally and mentally healthy and I've found ways to support myself in these areas in order to maintain that health.
  • I am a present and active mother, but I am not defined only as a mother.
  • I have a productive and engaging career, but I am not defined only as my career.
  • I have a fun and fulfilling relationship, but I am not defined as only a wife/partner.
  • I operate from a place of what is best for my highest good (and the highest good of those around me) as opposed to what I think I SHOULD do or based on what others are doing.
How are you defining success these days? If you are operating from an old definition of success, or someone else's definition of success, there's a good chance that you are constantly feeling like you aren't quite as successful as you'd like to be or should be.

Begin creating a new definition of success today and see how it shifts your life.

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Roy said...

Hi Nicola,

I loved the poem. I will show it to my daughter. I also like your post on success.

There's alot more I would like to say. Please visit my site. thanks